• Photo:
    By Jens Sejer Andersen, International director, Play the Game
    21.07.2015 /
    FIFA’s attempt to dig up the reforms it recently buried only emphasizes the shortcomings of an organization that remains unable to reform itself from the inside
  • Photo: justinshanks/Flickr
    By Sylvia Schenk
    16.07.2015 /
    Which direction should FIFA’s new leadership take? Sylvia Schenk, German lawyer and anti-corruption activist in sport, lays out a route ahead of the crucial ExCo meeting Monday 20 July.
  • Photo: Karol Franks/Flickr
    By Rowland Jack, Founder, I Trust Sport
    24.06.2015 /
    Could sponsors exert a bigger influence on sports governance? According to Rowland Jack, founder of I Trust Sport, sponsors could mitigate risk and gain reputational benefit by helping sports organisations to improve their governance.
  • Photo: MCaviglia/Flickr
    By Antoine Duval, Senior Researcher, ASSER Institute
    03.06.2015 /
    Blatter’s slow and painful downfall illustrates the difficulties faced by our political and legal systems in confronting the rise of global private powers as FIFA. We need to reinvent the adequate counter-powers for a globalizing age, Antoine Duval writes.
  • Photo: justinshanks/Flickr
    By Jens Sejer Andersen, International director, Play the Game
    03.06.2015 /
    A wide range of sports is governed by a corrupt system built on a powerful president’s ability to hand out privileges without merit, channel generous sums of money to his supporters and make decisions at his own discretion. Blatter’s departure opens a door for change, but he must leave immediately.
  • Photo: Ed Coyle/Flickr
    By Christer Ahl
    03.06.2015 /
    There are numerous examples of international federations with major and longstanding problems related to governance and corruption. How will the collapse of the FIFA regime affect the possibility of change in those federations?
  • Photo: Richard Masoner/Flickr
    By Declan Hill
    08.04.2015 /
    The fight against match-fixing could be repeating the errors of the anti-doping fight, says Declan Hill, who in this article compares similarities between cycling's CIRI report and a yet undisclosed match-fixing investigation.
  • Photo: Trevor Claingbold/Flickr
    By Rowland Jack, Founder, I Trust Sport
    01.04.2015 /
    Multi-sport events are facing a crisis yet there are more and more of them. In his first column contribution to Play the Game, Rowland Jack considers the best way forward for multi-sport games.
  • Photo: David Wilson/Flickr
    By Christer Ahl
    19.03.2015 /
    Can Europeans and Americans overcome rooted traditions and learn from each other when it comes to developing elite sport and sport for all? Born in Europe and living in America for 40 years, Christer Ahl this time discusses the very different approaches to sports across the Atlantic.
  • Photo: Tom Raftery/Flickr
    By Andreas Selliaas
    29.01.2015 /
    Do we have two sorts of moral playing fields – one inside and one outside sports? Are we more eager to forgive crime committed outside sports than fouls committed in the sports arena? Andreas Selliaas comments on judgment and forgiveness in sports.

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