• 22.08.2005 /
    The International Volleyball Federation, FIVB, will not succeed in its attempts at stopping one of its strongest critics, the Argentine Mario Goijman, from addressing the world communication conference, Play the Game, which takes place in Copenhagen from 6-10 November 2005.
  • 25.07.2005 /
    Play the Game 2005 has been granted patronage from The International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE).
  • 25.07.2005 /
    If you want to share some of your own research on sport with an international audience we still have a few slots available in our open sessions.
  • 04.07.2005 /
    Today Play the Game launches a completely redesigned website on www.playthegame.org
  • 01.11.2004 /
    Based on a study of the economic impact of hosting professional sports teams in 37 US cities, the authors conclude that professional sports generally have little, if any, positive effect on a city's economy.
  • 28.04.2004 /
    Knowledge bank: Sports tend towards, endorse and depend upon the physical transcendence of humanness. In this respect, sport offers a unique environment where transhumanism can gain social credibility and where its ideals become manifest and normalised.
  • 01.10.2003 /
    Knowledge bank: Claudio Tamburrini is an expert on philosophy of sport and he argues that a ban on genetic doping is not only impossible to implement but is also unfair and violates the personal integrity of athletes.
  • 29.07.2003 /
    Knowledge bank: One hand, the military dictatorship used the soccer World Cup 1978 to gain political prestige at home and abroad. On the other, the Argentinians celebrated football because they regarded it as something of their own. Indeed, this World Cup had many faces...

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