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  • Photo: marc ficher/Flickr
    13.06.2018 /
    US lawmakers have proposed a bill to criminalise doping in global competitions. The bill is called the ‘Rodchenko Act’, named after the Russian whistleblower Grigory Rodchenkov, the former head of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory.
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    12.06.2018 /
    The 2018 World Cup has been labelled the most expensive World Cup ever, but the exact costs are hard to determine. It is, however, not that hard to find a line of people who benefit from it.
  • Photo: Wikimedia
    12.06.2018 /
    The FIFA Council has designated the United bid and Morocco as the two possible candidates to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup. A decision regarding the bids will be taken this Wednesday by the 68th FIFA Congress.
  • Photo: Wikimedia
    11.06.2018 /
    54 percent of residents in the Swiss canton of Valais rejected the bid to host the 2026 Winter Olympics in a referendum held this Sunday.
  • Photo: Dave Holland/COC
    08.06.2018 /
    WADA’s first Global Athlete Forum was held in Canada this week; 104 athletes from 54 different countries gathered to discuss crucial developments in anti-doping.
  • Photo: Jonas Berlin/WIngman Media
    08.06.2018 /
    A new Danish documentary looks into Russia and England's use of national intelligence services in the battle to win the World Cup hosting rights. But, according to England's former World Cup consultant Peter Hargitay, who was present at the film premiere in Copenhagen, other football nations have also turned to professional spies for allies.
  • Photo: Wikimedia
    08.06.2018 /
    The Italian court of Bolzano has released the motivations behind the convictions of FIDAL officials. They were accused of being knowledgeable about the doping substances taken by the athlete Alex Schwazer, but remaining silent.
  • Photo: WHO
    06.06.2018 /
    With the slogan ‘More active people for a healthier world’, WHO has developed a 20-point action plan aiming at activating ‘everyone, everywhere, everyday’.

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