• Photo: OCA
    18.04.2017 /
    A new strategic partnership between Chinese Alisports and the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) will bring e-sports to the 2022 Asian Games.
  • Photo: Toshihiro Gamo/Flickr
    09.01.2017 /
    By 2016, the cost of preparing the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games had almost quadrupled the initial budget. But then, Tokyo got a new governor.
  • Photo: ILO/FLickr
    16.12.2016 /
    International sports brands enrich themselves in tax free economic zones in the Third World. Are 'Corporate Social Responsibility' merely fine words on a website? Play the Game tells the story of the free economic zones in the Philippines.
  • Photo: ILO/Flickr
    16.12.2016 /
    International sports brands score gigantic profits in the Third World, while their workers live on starvation wages. Play the Game tells the story about the big sports brands.
  • Photo: Lars Andersson
    15.11.2016 /
    Are corruption and kickbacks in the DNA of the sports world? Certainly, bad governance is not only haunting sport on the international level. Play the Game tells you the story about the troubled waters in a minor, but populous sports nation, the Philippines.
  • Photo: Pulkit Sinha/Flickr
    02.06.2016 /
    To nurture an elite sports culture, India has launched a number of professional leagues. However, despite a partial economic success, the strategy has failed its target.
  • Photo: Thomas Søndergaard/Play the Game
    28.10.2015 /
    The woeful state of governance across four of the six FIFA confederations was exposed in a fascinating evening session discussing also what the role of the confederations should take in world football.
  • Photo: Kevin/Flickr
    19.10.2015 /
    Japan is not only fighting bad governance in several sports, but also outdated, authoritative training methods. New rules for good governance have been set out to reform elite sport in one of the world’s leading sports nations, but conservative forces are working against them.

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