• Photo: Thomas Søndergaard/Play the Game
    28.11.2017 /
    Few observers disagree that many of sport’s governing bodies lack accountability. The question is, how can they best be reformed? Should governments, NGOs or the athletes themselves take control - or can change be achieved from the inside?
  • Photo: Thomas Søndergaard/Play the Game
    By Andreas Selliaas
    28.11.2017 /
    Qatar and Russia. Corruption and doping. That is what everybody is talking about at Play the Game 2017 in Eindhoven. The latest developments in both doping and corruption investigations link the two countries closer and closer together. Are we seeing the contours of a collusion between Qatar and Russia in sports?
  • Photo: Thomas Søndergaard/Play the Game
    27.11.2017 /
    A wide-ranging panel at Play the Game 2017 told participants stories about whistleblowers, corruption and organisational anomalies in sport.
  • Photo: Doha Stadium Plus Qatar/Flickr
    20.11.2017 /
    Recently re-elected Hassan Moustafa is poised to continue his enlargement of the International Handball Federation (IHF) following vote to extend his 17-year tenure as President of the world’s handball body.
  • 16.11.2017 /
    For years, reporters have been fond of saying “FIFA mafia”, “Mobsters of Football”. It has made for good copy, sold lots of media space – but what words do we use now that there really is a trial that focuses on the widespread criminal activity inside FIFA?
  • Photo: Agência Brasil Fotografias/Flickr
    15.09.2017 /
    A series of ongoing investigations in Brazil and France displays the extensity of corruption surrounding last year’s Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. IOC reaffirm its commitment to protect the integrity of sport.
  • Photo: Agencia Brasil Fotografias/Flickr
    By Juliana Barbassa
    08.09.2017 /
    "Many people had a lot to gain from the Games. The people of Rio, unfortunately, were not among them," says Juliana Barbassa in this comment piece arguing that the Rio 2016 Games accomplished precisely what their organizers intended.
  • Photo: Chris Evans/Flickr
    11.08.2017 /
    New index explores the most and the least trusted sports in the UK and also looks into whether a perceived lack of integrity could drive consumers away from sport.

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