• By Sven Daniel Wolfe
    08.10.2018 /
    This second article in our series on civic contestation of mega-events looks to Russia and the protests that have played out here in spite of the efforts by authorities to stifle and suppress popular resistance.
  • By Dennis Pauschinger, John Lauermann
    08.10.2018 /
    In this first introductory article, Dennis Pauschinger from the University of Neuchâtel and John Lauermann from the City University of New York discuss similarities and differences of the various movements that have arisen and discuss whether it is a global movement, or rather a locally founded ‘globalised way of protesting the World Cup and the Olympics’.
  • 03.10.2018 /
    There was broad debate about good governance in Danish sport when the results of a European survey were presented at a seminar for Danish sports. The seminar proved that there is a great interest in promoting good leadership, but also different attitudes as to how it should be effectuated.
  • 03.07.2018 /
    German athletes now have an athlete institution aiming to unite and empower athletes, funded independently of the country’s NOC, the DOSB.
  • Photo: Dave Holland/COC
    By Jens Sejer Andersen, International director, Play the Game
    13.06.2018 /
    “One of the best ways you can avoid being used is by making your voice heard in the public domain,” said Jens Sejer Andersen, International director at Play the Game, when speaking to athletes at the WADA Global Athletes Forum, held in Calgary, Canada, on June 4, 2018.

    Read the speech that he gave on the occasion.
  • Photo: Monirul Bhuiyan/Press Photo
    31.05.2018 /
    The International Working Group on Women and Sport concluded its 7th world conference by announcing “The Big 5”: five major action points for gender mainstreaming in international sport.
  • Photo: European Youth Event/Flickr
    20.04.2018 /
    Every second year, the European Parliament invites young people to discuss policies and strategies on a variety of issues. This year’s event will host a session on corruption in sports.
  • Photo: Fred Romero/Flickr
    26.01.2018 /
    UNESCO's World Radio Day will, for the first time, focus on the relationship between radio and sports and the impacts on diversity, gender equality and peace development.

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