• 12.11.2002 /
    Knowlede bank: The Football Association of Greenland challenged the FIFA-monopoly on international matches when it organised a friendly against Tibet. The Greenlanders want to be able to play international games without being forced to depend on the Danish Football Association.
  • 11.11.2002 /
    Knowledge bank: I think you all know the story of the ISL bankruptcy very well. I do not want to repeat all the stories I have written in my newspaper.
  • 11.11.2002 /
    Knowledge bank: In his speech at Play the Game 2002, investigative reporter Andrew Jennings took a close look at the members of FIFA's Executive Committee and the audit committee to examine charges of corruption against FIFA. Jennings is not optimistic that football sleaze will decline in the coming years - on the contrary.
  • 06.06.2002 /
    One of FIFA's leading officials is implicated in the latest ticketing scandal to hit the World Cup Finals.
  • 04.04.2002 /
    The stage-managed meeting next month at which Sepp Blatter intends to hold on to his position as the head of world football is today exposed as the sham it threatens to be.
  • 12.03.2002 /
    The situation in East Africa shows that FIFA grants have a hand in wrangling between federations and Governments. It has become a curse of soccer development in the region.
  • 14.11.2000 /
    Sport reporters Jens Weinreich and Thomas Kistner review the strange ways television rights are sold in FIFA, president Blatter's election in 1998 and the circumstances around the selection of Germany as host for the World Cup 2006.

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