• 25.05.2003 /
    Player agents from Proactive, an international firm of agents, can negotiate with each other and represent both parties in a negotiation situation. If left to the Fedration Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), at any rate.
  • 17.03.2003 /
    World football chief Sepp Blatter receives a secret annual payment of around GBP250,000 a year on top of his generous salary and perks. And Sportsmail can reveal that documentation has come to light indicating that the FIFA president has received the huge undisclosed payment since 1997.
  • 25.02.2003 /
    The favourite nephew of tyrant Robert Mugabe has been fired as boss of Zimbabwe football for being unable to account for a USD61,000 grant from FIFA for developing youth facilities.
  • 08.02.2003 /
    The two-year suspension by the World Soccer body, FIFA, on the Confederation of African Football vice President Farah Addo will not affect activities of the continental and regional soccer bodies, officials said.
  • 29.01.2003 /
    In an historic about-turn FIFA President Sepp Blatter has ordered an investigation into ballot rigging that could lead to some of his closest allies being banned from world football for life.
  • 28.01.2003 /
    FIFA president Sepp Blatter is ordering an investigation into allegations of voting irregularities at two FIFA congresses.
  • 12.11.2002 /
    Knowlede bank: The Football Association of Greenland challenged the FIFA-monopoly on international matches when it organised a friendly against Tibet. The Greenlanders want to be able to play international games without being forced to depend on the Danish Football Association.
  • 11.11.2002 /
    Knowledge bank: In his speech at Play the Game 2002, investigative reporter Andrew Jennings took a close look at the members of FIFA's Executive Committee and the audit committee to examine charges of corruption against FIFA. Jennings is not optimistic that football sleaze will decline in the coming years - on the contrary.

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