• 07.05.2007 /
    The Panamerican Team Handball Federation (PATHF) is not likely to win prizes this year for fair play and transparent decision-making. In contravention of the rules of the International Handball Federation (IHF), PATHF has downgraded Greenland from full to associate membership without any warning - and now teams from Greenland can no longer qualify for participation in World Championships.
  • 12.04.2007 /
    Bob Munro meets new threats from self-proclaimed KFF chairman, while Kenyan football is heading for a split.
  • 12.04.2007 /
    FIVB top official accused of violating ethical rules by manipulating doping sanction and cheating with player’s ages.
  • 26.03.2007 /
    With a monthly budget under 90,000 US dollars and no more than three thousand supporters at their games, Arsenal de Sarandí is the smallest club in Argentina’s competitive Primera División. Nevertheless, for the first time in its brief 50-year history, Arsenal de Sarandí have reached the top of Argentine football, leading the division after four rounds.
  • 26.03.2007 /
    The threat to Bob Munro's immigration status is over. He stays in Kenya and thanks the Play the Game network for its support.
  • 26.03.2007 /
    A milestone in the never-ending story of football in Kenya was laid as Kenya's international ban from world football ended on 9 March 2007.
  • 23.02.2007 /
    Efforts to reform the International Boxing Association (AIBA) to make it less corrupt and more democratic have had a rocky start. First AIBA suspended a critical vice president on suspicions that he had committed acts of terrorism but in all likelihood it is a case of mistaken identity. Later AIBA suspended its secretary general for embezzlement - without making it public.
  • 31.01.2007 /
    The sports minister in the African country of Togo has refused a request from the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) to exclude a vice president of Togo's volleyball federation after he had taken part in the founding congress of the new international World Volleyball and Beach Volleyball Federation (WVBF).

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