• Photo: Getty Images for Soccerex
    28.09.2016 /
    Compliance is crucial in the fight against match-fixing and corruption, said a line of speakers at the Soccerex convention this week and also agreed that top-down cultural changes are needed.
  • Photo: Richard Masoner/Flickr
    By Antoine Duval, Senior Researcher, ASSER Institute
    27.09.2016 /
    In this comment, Antoine Duval from the Asser Institute lays out a set of key orientations for a comprehensive reform of the world anti-doping system in the wake of the Russian doping scandal. In a nutshell, it’s time to focus WADA’s resources on compliance with the World Anti-Doping Code.
  • Photo: Andreas Selliaas
    19.09.2016 /
    The election of Aleksander Ceferin as new UEFA President demonstrated a political shift from Western to Eastern Europe, with the help from some of the Nordic countries. But it is still unclear what political agenda the new head of European football wants to pursue or if he is controlled by the agenda of countries.
  • Photo: UEFA logo
    14.09.2016 /
    Aleksander Ceferin won today's vote to replace Michel Platini as UEFA president over contesting candidate Michael van Praag.
  • Photo: Alberto Sanchez/Flickr
    07.09.2016 /
    FIFA official has allegedly been airing support for the Slovenian UEFA presidential candidate, Aleksander Čeferin, says report in Norwegian magazine also claiming that Čeferin received support from the Nordic countries in return for promises of hosting rights and top post.
  • Photo: Joe Flintham/Flickr
    31.08.2016 /
    Leaders from 17 national anti-doping agencies issue joint call for a reinforced and more independent anti-doping effort in order to rebuild confidence lost following recent doping scandals.
  • Photo: European Parliament
    10.08.2016 /
    Women make up less than one fourth of IOC members and female representation is even lower in the international federations says a new report that grades sports organisations according to percentage of women in leadership positions.
  • Photo:
    08.08.2016 /
    Russia will not be allowed to send athletes to the Paralympic Games after the International Paralympic Committee suspended Russia on Sunday in response to the country's state-sponsored doping program.

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