Human rights

  • Photo: Special KRB/Flickr
    20.05.2015 /
    The International Trade Union Confederation has joined the FIFA reform group New FIFA Now in a campaign urging World Cup sponsors to take a stand against the conditions for migrant workers in Qatar preparing the country for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.
  • Photo: G Travels/Flickr
    18.05.2015 /
    Human Rights Watch has issued a ‘Reporters’ Guide’ with information about Azerbaijan relevant to those planning to report from the 2015 European Games. The information covers political and economic aspects but has a special focus on how the country acts up to human rights.
  • Photo: Swiveler/Flickr
    20.03.2015 /
    The final draft of the revised international charter of physical education, physical activity and sport is ready to be adopted at the UNESCO General Conference in November.
  • Photo: Chlara Neve/Flickr
    25.02.2015 /
    In a letter sent to the IOC president Thomas Bach, a coalition of NGOs, sports groups and trades unions recommends that the IOC includes labour and human rights standards in the 2024 Olympic Host City contract.
  • Photo: Ryan Scott/Flickr
    12.02.2015 /
    While the ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child celebrated its 25th anniversary last year, children’s rights still need to be addressed, experts say.
  • Photo: Adam Groffman/Flickr
    02.02.2015 /
    This year’s report on human rights abuses in the world, published by Human Rights Watch, features a special essay on human rights violations in relation to mega-events.
  • Photo: Александр Вайнер/Wikimedia
    11.12.2014 /
    Slave like conditions for migrant workers on Sochi Olympics construction sites led to several deaths, many of which are still not accounted for, says an article published by the website The article warns that, with a law passed in 2013 that suspends important workers’ rights, something similar could be the case for the construction of World Cup venues.
  • Photo: UN Geneva/Flickr
    By Antoine Duval, Senior Researcher, ASSER Institute
    13.11.2014 /
    "The UN should be weary to associate itself too closely with an institution characterised by a lack of transparency, internal democracy and accountability," says Antoine Duval in this comment discussing the UN resolution recognising the autonomy of sport.

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