• Photo: Richard Masoner/Flickr
    10.10.2016 /
    "Troubling ommissions” overshadowed positive aspects of IOC summit, says NADOs member organisation.
  • Photo: Richard Masoner/Flickr
    By Antoine Duval, Senior Researcher, ASSER Institute
    27.09.2016 /
    In this comment, Antoine Duval from the Asser Institute lays out a set of key orientations for a comprehensive reform of the world anti-doping system in the wake of the Russian doping scandal. In a nutshell, it’s time to focus WADA’s resources on compliance with the World Anti-Doping Code.
  • Photo: Agência Brasíl Fotografias/Flickr
    15.09.2016 /
    Three leaks of personal data from WADA spark discussions of data security and face strong critism from national anti-doping agencies.
  • Photo: Joe Flintham/Flickr
    20.05.2016 /
    The U.S. Department of Justice opens investigations into alleged Russian doping regime. WADA appoints investigative team to look into possible Sochi 2014 doping offenses.
  • Photo: tableatny/Flickr
    15.01.2016 /
    The second report from WADA’s Independent Commission discloses extensive corruption, nepotism and abuse of power in the IAAF as well as an undermining of the anti-doping structure in the association.
  • Photo: COLOURBOX
    09.11.2015 /
    WADA’s independent report on doping in athletics says that Russia should be banned from international competition for upholding a state-supported doping system.
  • Photo: Erik van Leeuwen/Wikimedia
    28.04.2015 /
    In December 2014, revelations about widespread doping and cover-up in Russian and international athletics, led both WADA and the IAAF to initiate investigations. The journalist behind the documentary as well as the two Russians who blew the whistle on the doping practices will share their story at Play the Game 2015.
  • Photo: Richard Masoner/Flickr
    By Declan Hill
    08.04.2015 /
    The fight against match-fixing could be repeating the errors of the anti-doping fight, says Declan Hill, who in this article compares similarities between cycling's CIRI report and a yet undisclosed match-fixing investigation.

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