• 06.03.2017 /
    More than 50 percent of fans say they have no confidence in FIFA, a recent poll by Transparency International and Forza Football shows.
  • Photo: justinshanks/Flickr
    By Osasu Obayiuwana, journalist
    10.02.2017 /
    Journalist Osasu Obayiuwana, a member of the now dissolved FIFA Task Force Against Racism and Discrimination, shares his personal experiences and disappointment with FIFA’s half-hearted attempt to address racial and discriminatory issues in football. “The time for silence has ended,” he says and calls the disbandment of the Task Force a “grave mistake”.
  • Photo: Simon Harriyott/Flickr
    20.12.2016 /
    Millions of leaked documents have revealed tax evasion and financial fraud involving some of the world’s biggest names in football. More must be done about this type of fraud, says the FIFA president, but main responsibility should lie with unions and federations.
  • 29.08.2016 /
    Kuwaiti authorities seize offices of the National Olympic Committee and the National Football Association due to alleged financial irregularities.
  • Photo: Thomas Couto/Flickr
    14.07.2016 /
    A new FIFA programme aims to increase football investment in member associations and confederations, developing football everywhere and for all.
  • Photo: TTFA Media
    14.07.2016 /
    In the build up to the Caribbean Football Union elections, vying candidate, head of Trinidad and Tobago football David John-Williams, is causing a stir in a game of footsie under the table with CONCACAF, UEFA and, possibly, FIFA, writes Lasana Liburd in this article outlining the current situation in Caribbean football governance.
  • Photo: Mane Garrincha/Flickr
    29.06.2016 /
    A recent survey reveals unused and debt-plagued stadiums – leaving a stained 2014 World Cup.
  • Photo: Youth in Play
    15.06.2016 /
    Close to 300 African and South-American players under the age of 18 have come to Europe to play despite FIFA regulations banning international trade with minors, a new journalistic research project concludes.

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