Javier Szlifman


Javier Szlifman _Thomas Søndergaard _Play The Game
Javier Szlifman speaking at Play the Game 2011. Photo: Thomas Søndergaard/Play the Game

Javier Szlifman has been working as a journalist since 2000, in radio: La Tribu, Splendid, Fènix; and in television as a producer in Sport’s programs: TyC Sports, Boca TV, el Garage TV. 

He has published articles in Un caño -Sport’s Magazine and in online press: Perfil.com

He writes for his own site: www.pelotaafuera.blogspot.com

In the Academic field he participates in conferences and in a study group specialized in sociocultural aspects in Sports.

He has recently graduated in Communication Studies and his Thesis analyzes how the media covers the violence in Argentinian football and the actors involved. An abstract was published in www.efdeportes.com. 

Presentation at Play the Game conferences:

Violence and corruption, a network threatening Argentine football - Play the Game 2011 (Pdf.)

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