Thomas Søbirk Petersen

Ph.D. Assisting Professor, University of Roskilde

Presentation WADA's List - A Bitter Pill to Swallow - Play the Game 2005 (PP Pdf.)

Research interests: Applied ethics, especially business ethics; medical ethics; sportsethics and discrimination of homosexuals. Political Philosophy, especially egalitarianism and libertarianism. Theories of welfare and Philosophy of Law (e.g. the limits of law).

Papers in international journals and anthologies with peer-review 1.   2010 Petersen, T.S.: "What is a good sports parent?" Etikk i Praksis: Nordic Journal for Applied Ethics, 4 (1) pp. 23-37.

2.   2010 Petersen, T. S.: "New Legal Moralism: Some Strength and Challenges." Criminal Law and Philosophy, Netherlands, Springer vol. 4, pp. 215-232 - DOI: 10.1007/s11572-010-9094-5.

3.   Petersen, T.S: "Good Athlets - Bad Athlets? On the 'role model argument' for banning performance enhancing drugs" Sports, Ethics & Philosophy: Journal of the British Philosophy of Sport Association (forthcoming), Routhledge, 5:3

4. 2009 Petersen, T.S. & Johannes K. Kristensen: "Should Athletes be Allowed to Use all Kinds of Performance-enhancing Drugs? A Critical Note on Claudio M. Tamburrini." Journal of the Philosophy of Sport, vol.36:1, pp.88-98.

5. 2009 Petersen, T.S.: "Environmental Ethics." (word-prescript), A Companion to the Philosophy of Technology, (eds. J. Kyrre-Olsen, S.A. Pedersen & V. F. Hendricks), Wiley-Blackwell UK, Companions to Philosophy Series, 433-438.

6. 2009 Petersen, T.S.: "What is it for a life to go well (or badly)? Some critical comments on Wayne Sumner's theory of welfare." Journal of Happiness Studies, Springer, The Netherlands, Vol.10, pp. 449-458. Online first (2008):|24.on7i18/fultext.pdf

7. 2007 Petersen, T.S. & Lippert-Rasmussen, K.: "Prohibiting Drugs in Sports: An Enhanced Proposal." (word pre-print) New Waves in Applied Ethics, (eds. J. Ryberg, T.S. Petersen & C. Wolf), Palgrave Macmillan, 237-260.

8. 2007 Petersen, T.S. & Hansen, K.: "Donating life – ethical reflections over donation and payment for sperm, eggs, and embryos", International Journal of Ethics, Vol. 4 Issue 4, Nova Science Publishers, 391-401.

9.   2006 Petersen, T.S.: "On the Repugnance of the Repugnant Conclusion" (pdf-final version), Theoria, Thales, Vol. LXXII, part 2, 126-137.

10.      2005 Petersen, T.S.: "Just Diagnosis? – Preimplantation genetic diagnosis and injustices to disabled people" (pdf-preprint), Journal of Medical Ethics, BMJ Publishing Vol. 31 Issue 4, pp. 7-12.

11.      2004 Petersen, T.S.: "Women, Assisted Reproduction and Social Coercion" (pdf-final version), Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, Kluwer Academic Publishers, March 7 (1): 81-90.

12.      2003 Petersen, T. S.: "Egalitarianism and Repugnant Conclusions" (pdf-final version), Danish Yearbook of Philosophy, Museum Tusculanum Press Vol. 38, 115-125.

13.      2002 Petersen, T.S.: "The Claim from Adoption" (pdf-preprint), Bioethics Vol. 16 No. 4, Blackwell Publishers, Oxford, UK & Boston,  353-375.

14.     2001 Petersen, T.S.: "Generocentrism", (word-preprint)Philosophia - Philosophical Quartely of Israel. Vol. 28, Nos 1-4 Bar-Ilan University Israel, 411-423.

15.      2000 Petersen, T.S.: "David Heyd on the Distinction between Actual and Possible People", (word-preprint), with reply from David Heyd, Sats - Nordic Journal of Philosophy  Philosophia Press Vol. 1 No. 1, 105-116.

16.     1999 Petersen, T.S.: "Brave New Children - Assisted Reproduction and our Concern for the Child", Danish Yearbook of Philosophy, Museum Tusculanum Press Vol. 34,  91-117.

17.     1996 Petersen, T.S.: "How Philosophy of Science can Contribute to the Development and Promotion of the Psychomotor Approach", Motorik - Zeitschrift für Motopädagogik und Mototherapie  Heft 3, September 19 Jahrgang, 113-117.

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