Play the Game 2002 conference magazine


The "Play the game" magazine gives you extensive journalistic coverage of the Copenhagen conference in November 2002. You can download it free of charge in pdf-format by clicking on the titles below.


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Page 1:

Front page



Play the game

Declan Hill
- one of the outstanding journalists who
talked about sports and organised crime.
Photo: Niels Nyholm


Page 2:

Play the game became a home for the homeless questions in international sport


Page 3:

Dangerous liaisons
When professional sport meets organised crime


Page 4-5:

Dialogue with China
The organisers of Beijing 2008 faced tough questions about human rights


Page 6-7:

FIFA under fire
One football leader stood up against criticism from investigative journalists


Page 8-10:

Scrutinising sports media
They miss the scoop of the decade, a Scandinavian survey concludes


Page 11:

Festival journalism
Sport is also relevant when no medals are at stake


Page 12:

Fair game for nationalism
When Swedes lose, Norwegians celebrate, says researcher


Page 13:

Toy for politicians
Politicians round the world benefit from sporting success


Page 14-15:

Talent or sex appeal
Women are defining new role models for sports heroines


Page 16-17:

The female burden
Sexual harassment is widespread, but political influence still scarce for sports women


Page 18-20:

On thin ice
The sexual abuse revelations that shocked Canada's sacred ice hockey world


Page 21:

Preventing suicide
Sport seem to encourage young Aborigines 


Page 22:

Drug dealing on the rise
The illegal drug trade is growing and causes daily tragedies


Page 24:

Doping fight under debate
WADA has made progress, but will it get sufficient support?


Page 25:

Doctors, dopers
Doctors still play a dubious role in doping distribution


Page 26:

Uneasy legacy
The doping culture didn't follow Eastern Germany into the grave


Page 27:

Confusing rules
Athletes have been trapped in conflicting doping regulations


Page 28:

Back to basis
The Danish Minister of Culture urged sport to stick to old values


Page 28:

Move or die
A sedentary lifestyle is more dangerous than smoking


Page 29:

Passport protection
Swedes use blood passport to protect athletes and fair play


Page 30-31:

Dual dilemma


Page 32:

Ethics, please
The danger to sports democracy may come from sport itself


Page 33:

450 kms on bare feet
Tahahumara Indians are the most enduring runners in the world


Page 34-35:

Eddy the Eagle and Grandma Luge fill out important roles


Page 36:

Deprived of childhood
Children soldiers are rehabilitated with ball games


Page 37:

David & David v Goliath
Greenland and Tibet fought hard for permission to play


Page 38:

Sport and development
Sport is a cheap way to improve health and quality of life


Page 39-41:

A force for the good
Sport and media should use their clout to improve society


Page 42:

Fact sheet
Play the game in brief


Page 43:

Play the game award


Page 44:




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