Cintamani – Dress Code Iceland

Designed and tested in Iceland – a country not known for its mild weather conditions – Cintamani is technologically advanced yet functional and fashionable as an every day wear.This combination of the functional and fashionable has made it a brand that Icelanders have been quick to embrace and wear with pride. For an Icelander dressed to face the rugged Icelandic elements, Cintamani is simply their dress code.

Shortly after the brand’s launch in 1994, Cintamani started producing high quality expedition clothing for Icelandic high-altitude climber and polar explorer, Haraldur Ólafsson. Ólafsson wore only Cintamani on his quest to climb the Seven Summits and to the North and South Pole – something he did in a record time of just 4 years.

With its unique style, the brand has achieved a fast growing popularity. Inspired by the beauty of Icelandic nature, Cintamani combines modern design with traditional materials such as Icelandic wool – something that has strongly appealed to nature loving Icelanders in search of fashionable yet tough outdoor wear.

A proud sponsor of Play the Game

Cintamani proudly sponsored the fifth Play the Game conference, held in Reykjavík in October 2007. All conference participants received a windproof cintamani jacket as a momento of the conference.

As an additional feature of Cintamani's sponsorship, a special 10% discount at the Cintamani web shop was offered to all those involved with Play the Game. Play the Game and Icelandic co-hosts, UMFI, also each received 5% for every sale made using the discount.

Visit the Cintamani webstore at to learn more about Cintamani.

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