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Front Page  (pg 1)


Front page  



Editorial  (pg 2)

Speak up for the love of sport:  It is high time to found a new global institution to fight corruption in sport


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(pp 3 - 9)

Doping Harms the children of athletes:  Many former doped East German athletes still suffer severe side effects, which have also been passed on to their children


Massive test programme to exorcise cycling’s doping ghost:  UCI President wants commitment from riders to “New cycling”


Breaking the law of omerta:  Professoinal cyclist Jörg Jaksche admitted to doping and has suffered the consequences


An eye in the sky on all athletes:  GPS implants in ahtletes could improve anti-doping testing


The willing suspension of disbelief : How sports writer David Walsh lost his naivity and now pursues the truth about doping


Pound backs coalition against corruption in sport  


This is not a Mr Nice Guy job: Outgoing WADA President Richard Pound called for mean and confrontational successor




Niels Nyholm in memoriam  


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Sport worlds  

(pp 10 - 11)

Learning from Sports diplomacy:  Research project tests link between sport and reconciliation


Keeping sport alive against all odds:  Sport and sports journalism struggle for survival in Somalia



Page 10  Page 11


English football (pp 12 - 13)

English football economy is falling apart:  Many league clubs go bankrupt despite increased revenues


An ambulance service for beleaguered clubs



Page 12  Page 13


Mega events  

(pp 14 - 15)

Selling the city or selling it out?  Mega events rarely benefit those who need it most and often lead to forced evictions


London Olympics drains grassroots sport budget:  The government has no plan for sporting legacy either


World Cup 2006 research shows economic legacy  



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(pp 16 - 17)

Massive match-fixing in Indian cricket:  Despite being illegal, betting is big business in India and many players are tempted to fix matches


The myths and realities of match-fixing:   A study of 137 fixed football matches shows that matches are not fixed the way you think



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Sport worlds  

(pp 18 - 19)

Organising sport in the Australian outback is different:  In the outback six is a crowd and social dynamics are ignored at your peril


The English League undermines Ethiopian football: Ethiopian football fans prefer English teams over their own



Page 18  Page 19



Media and sport

(pp 20 - 22)

Sign away your rights, please:  Sports federations want newspapers to pay for covering sport


Technology changes the rules of the game:  Cricket umpires rely on microphones, mapping and projection


Mobiles hike prices  


Digital media could boost smaller sports:  Sport is a key driver of interactivity, says sport and technology expert



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(pp 23 - 27)

Use sport as a political instrument for change in society: The President of Iceland, Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, made the official opening speech at Play the Game 2007


Play the Game in Iceland  


Icelanders wrestle in their own way  


The benefits of sport extend past the exercise:  A sociology professor from Iceland sees clear links between participation in sport and the prevention of substance abuse


Lazytown teaches kids to pick fruit over chocolate:  Children in more than 100 countries worldwide love Sportacus from Iceland



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Children in Sport  

(pp 28 - 31)

Scrap world records based on doping  


Sport breaches UN Convetion on Children's Rights  


Take the children away from the Olympic movement  


Winning isn't everything:  Danish national coach pioneers sport development programme that allows kids to play



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Sport worlds  

(pg 31)

India lacks structure to nurture athletes:  For Kaveri Prakash, it was all over by the time of her 18th birthday.



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(pp 32 - 39)

FIFA - An era of corruption nears its end:  How a determined investigative magistrate has followed the trail of corruption all the way into court


Conference gives leg up to young film producer  


Hard lessons from fight against football corruption in Kenya:  After years of turmoil,  a new league has been formed based on values such as democracy, transparency and equality


Football players prop up autocracy in hunt for money:  Players and fans should act as checks and balances for FIFA, says former top goalkeeper Shaka Hislop


From World Cup stars to the national blacklist:  Trinidad's Soca Warriors made to pay for fight with FIFA Vice President, Jack Warner


Russian mafia has run Brazilian club into the ground  


Carlito's Way: Footbal transfers in the mafia economy  



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The Pulse  

(pp 40 - 41)

Gay athletes enter conspiracy of silence  


Football's World Cup 2010 is common African cause  


Shouting and name calling is common for child athletes  


Kosovar athletes want to play the game  



Page 40  Page 41



Sport worlds  

(pg 42)

Sport is now recognised as a human right for people with disabilities:  New UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities could help athletes with disabilities compete in the Olympics



Page 42  



Sport and Law

(pp 43 - 45)

EU interest in sport gets cautious welcome:  Sport for all and elite sport differ widely in their responses to EU White Paper on sport


A court for sport  


The sports world prefers not to go to court:  Most disagreements are settled in arbitration behind closed doors


Caught between a crime and a hard tackle:  Who should decide if you go to court or just get a red card for causing harm to another athlete?



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Play the Game Award  

(pg 46)

Courageous anti-doping fighter got award:  The Play the Game Award 2007 was given to Sandro Donati for his lifelong commitment to eradicating doping



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Facts about Play the Game  (pg 47)


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Contents  (pg 48)


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