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  • The London 2012 Olympics: A Gender Equality Audit
    By Peter Donnelly, Michelle K. Donnelly, Centre for Sport Policy Studies (CSPS), University of Toronto, Mar 2013
    In this report from the Centre for Sport Policy Studies at the University of Toronto, Peter Donnelly and Michele K. Donnelly has analysed gender equality in sport using the case of the 2012 London Olympics. The specific focus of the report is on the athletes and on the gender-based structural and rule differences that still exist on the Olympic programme.
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  • AGGIS: Limits to the autonomy of sport: EU law
    By Arnout Geeraert, Jan 2013
    This paper by Arnout Geeraert seeks to provide a concise overview of the application of EU law on sporting rules as it delineates the boundaries of the autonomy of sport with regard to EU law. It also provides an overview of the different methods of enforcement of EU law on sports bodies and the legal and political limitations thereof.
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  • AGGIS: The Olympic and Paralympic Games Through the Lens of the State's and the Public Interest in Sport
    By Simona Kustec Lipicer, Jan 2013
    This paper by Simona Kustec Lipicer discusses the implementation dilemmas of Slovenian sport policy through time.
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  • AGGIS: The Swiss Regulatory Framework and International Sports Organisations
    By Michaël Mrkonjic, Jan 2013
    This paper is written by Michaël Mrkonjic, Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration, Switzerland, Lausanne, as a part of the AGGIS project. It gives an overview on the Swiss regulatory framework on fiscal and corruption issues, and presents several interesting points in relation to the autonomy of International Sports Organisations residing i Switzerland.
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  • AGGIS: Transparency
    By Aline Bos, Frank van Eekeren, Jan 2013
    In this paper, Aline Bos and Frank van Eekeren adress the concept of transparency by looking at its definition, its different approaches and ways of operationalizing it.
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  • AGGIS: Implementation and compliance of good governance in International Sport Federations
    By Aline Bos, Barrie Houlihan, Frank van Eekeren, Jan 2013
    In this paper, Aline Bos, Frank van Eekeren and Barrie Houlihan adress the issues of implementation and compliance of good governance in international sports federations.
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