• Photo: slgckgc/Flickr
    By Rowland Jack, Founder, I Trust Sport
    13.06.2016 /
    A number of sports federations are currently dealing with the threat of breakaway leagues. But by thinking proactively, federations' anxiety about attempts to create rival competitions could lead to better run sports, argues Rowland Jack, founder of I Trust Sport, in this comment piece.
  • Photo: kris krüg/Flickr
    By Katia Rubio, Professor, University of São Paulo , Jens Sejer Andersen, International director, Play the Game
    09.06.2016 /
    The upcoming Rio 2016 Olympics is like a kiss between two globally famous institutions who are both immersed in a deep political crisis, Both the IOC and Brazil need the inspiration of hope that the other can convey to the world public, write associate professor Katia Rubio and international director Jens Sejer Andersen in this comment piece.
  • Photo: Jordi Bernabeu Farrús/Flickr
    By Christer Ahl
    20.05.2016 /
    The many recent corruption scandals in sport have failed to mobilise much more than momentary disgust, writes Christer Ahl in this comment, in which he seeks to explore why the general public has little energy for getting involved in what goes on behind the scenes in sport.
  • Photo: Agencia Brasil/CC3
    By Jens Sejer Andersen, International director, Play the Game
    08.05.2016 /
    Sunday 8 May 2016 marks the 100th birthday of one of the most impressive – and most troubling – figures in world sport, Brazilian João Havelange. We mark the day by publishing the story about how he rose to power in FIFA with the help of his country’s military dictatorship and a football icon named Pelé.
  • Photo: Kallenovsky/Wikimedia
    By Joe Harris, Steve Maxwell
    26.04.2016 /
    More than a year after its release, it is reasonable to ask if the recommendations within the CIRC report have helped the UCI get the sport back on track? Not as much as needed, says The Outer Line in this comment piece, which proposes a detailed reform plan for pro cycling that will change both its governance and way of doing business, making it an “independent, self-governing and more economically-sustainable premier league sport”.
  • Photo: AU UN 1st photo/Tobin Jones/Flickr
    By Christer Ahl
    15.03.2016 /
    Instead of protecting their ‘oligopoly’, international sport federations (IFs) should focus more on grassroots development, says Christer Ahl in this comment piece in which he analyses the core tasks of the IFs and finds that there is room for improvement in the way these tasks are performed.
  • Photo: Andreas Selliaas
    By Andreas Selliaas
    01.03.2016 /
    Gianni Infantino will enter his FIFA presidency with promises to be held and alliances to be nurtured in a complex play that includes expectations of reform, a potentially explosive Garcia report and a new King Maker, says Andreas Selliaas commenting from Zürich.
  • Photo: justinshanks/Flickr
    By Jens Sejer Andersen, International director, Play the Game
    27.02.2016 /
    FIFA avoided the disaster it would have been to let a sheikh from an Arab dictatorship lead it through democratic reforms. Gianni Infantino came out on top by speaking FIFA classic with golden promises to everyone, and he will get a hard time delivering
  • Photo: justinshanks/Flickr
    By Jens Sejer Andersen, International director, Play the Game
    26.02.2016 /
    Chances are that this Friday 26 February will mark the old FIFA’s ultimate defiance of the pressure exerted over five years by most of football’s fans and stakeholders. There will be reform, but will there be change?
  • Photo: John Taylor/Flickr
    By Christer Ahl
    25.01.2016 /
    What does it mean that the U.S. Justice Department has been the instigator of unravelling what has been taking place in FIFA? In this comment piece, Christer Ahl looks at the pros and cons of the U.S. involvement.

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