Platini wants a European sports police to fight corruption

UEFA president Michel Platini. Photo (c) flickr user Anders V and used under a Creative Commons 2.0 licence.


By Katja Høiriis
President of UEFA, Michel Platini, calls for a joint international effort against corruption in football and proposes the formation of a European sports police.

In a recent interview with the German Football Federation’s website, Platini foresees that corruption in football, especially related to match-fixing, will become an even more important issue for football in the coming years. Therefore, he proposes the formation of a sports police that will work as a kind of Interpol for football, and exclusively focus on fighting corruption in European sport.

Problems with national authorities
UEFA currently makes use of its Early Warning System to monitor sports betting, in order to spot potential threats. This gives UEFA an idea of in where the greatest problems are. However, whilst some countries will do everything in their power to tackle match-fixing and corruption, some national authorities might not be as willing to address the problem.

“Federations in some countries encounter problems with national authorities and therefore I specifically want the introduction of a European sports police,” Platini argues. He intends to take this idea up with the EU.

Platini is not alone
Platini is adding his voice to a number of others who have called for a joined effort against corruption in sport.  Whilst Platini wants an outside police force to investigate instances of corruption, Play the Game suggests that the international sports associations take the responsibility upon themselves.  

On a number of occasions, Play the Game has called for the establishment of an independent international body along the lines of the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) that can investigate and fight corruption in the big sports associations such as FIFA and UEFA.

Read the entire interview with Platini in German
Play the Game’s call for action against all forms of corruption in sport


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