Professor Mark Pieth gives keynote address to EASM 2012

Mark Pieth. Photo: OECD/Flickr


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EASM 2012 announces Mark Pieth, head of FIFA's Independent Governance Committee, as a keynote speaker at the conference in Aalborg, Denmark at 18-21 September.


Drawing on fresh experiences from one of the most intriguing management challenges of today, that of heading FIFA’s Independent Governance Committee, professor Mark Pieth will join EASM 2012 to give a keynote address under the working title “Democracy and transparency: European privileges or global values?”

Though Pieth has an impressive track record in fighting corruption, money laundering and organised crime on an international scale, it remains to be seen whether his work for FIFA – an organisation that has so far proved very reform-resistant – will bear fruit and lead to changes in world football that can convince a skeptical public opinion. 

Much will depend on the upcoming FIFA Congress in May and the expected release in Switzerland of the secret ISL dossier on corruption among FIFA’s top officials. Come September and the EASM conference, Mark Pieth will be in a much better position to give his opinion on the results of the IGC.

Find Mark Pieth’s CV here

Other confirmed speakers with relation to football are FIFA’s former international director Jérôme Champagne, and Jean-Claude Mbvoumin, director and founder of the Foot Solidaire network which aims to assist young footballers that have become victims of unscrupulous trafficking.

Read about Foot Solidaire (in French) here

EASM 2012
'Sport between business and civil society' is the overall theme of the 20th EASM Conference in Aalborg, Denmark, on 18-21 September 2012. 

It is the first time ever that the European Association for Sport Management (EASM) is holding its annual conference in Denmark, where the rapidly growing sport management environment is looking forward to sharing inspiration, knowledge and research with delegates from all over Europe and beyond.  

Read more about the conference and the different sessions and register at



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