How football and politics blend in the Middle East

Photo: Miuenski Miuenski/Flickr

New book explains Mideastern football as a battleground for political control. Photo: Miuenski Miuenski/Flickr


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In a new book, James M. Dorsey sets out to explain the connection between football and politics in the Middle East and North Africa.

James M. Dorsey is regarded one of the foremost experts when it comes to sport in the Middle East. In his new book, The Turbulent World of Middle East Soccer, he presents readers with an introduction to the world of Mideastern and North African football as “an arena where struggles for political control, protest and resistance, self-respect and gender rights are played out", it says on the publisher Hurst's website.

According to Hurst, this book will introduce the reader to how politics helped form the football culture in the region and how football fan groups, as one of the biggest civic groups in the region, are a major political force whose calls for transparency and social justice have led to several street battles. It also looks into the relation between football and themes like religion, gender rights and national identity.

Dorsey runs a blog by the same name as the book on which he publishes articles about football and politics in the Middle East. He is also a regular contributor to

Read more about the book and how to order a copy on the Hurst website.

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