• Photo: Pulkit Sinha/Flickr
    23.05.2019 /
    Cricket remains in the grip of an elite, whose appetite for growth is typified by the sport’s lack of interest in the Olympic movement, meanwhile, cricket commands higher TV rights than any other sport outside football but is struggling to grow globally due to historical, cultural and structural reasons.
  • Photo: Pulkit Sinha/Flickr
    02.06.2016 /
    To nurture an elite sports culture, India has launched a number of professional leagues. However, despite a partial economic success, the strategy has failed its target.
  • Photo: Sportspics/Flickr
    05.11.2015 /
    Analysis: The world’s leading cricket league, the cash-rich Indian Premier League, is faced with new challenges as its title sponsor, PepsiCo, has expressed its intent of pulling out of the scandal-ridden tournament. It will take more than a monumental effort to keep the tournament alive and kicking.
  • Photo: Sportspics/Flickr
    30.10.2014 /
    In an effort to stamp out match-fixing and other forms of sports corruption, Cricket Australia is offering amnesty for players and officials coming forward with knowledge about illegal activity – but only until November 30.
  • 14.02.2014 /
    The decision by the governing body of cricket, the International Cricket Council (ICC) to give the ‘Big Three’ of cricket, India, England and Australia, a dominant position in the organisation is met by criticism from the sport’s stakeholders to Transparency International.
  • 18.11.2013 /
    Cricket is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, but according to a new report from Transparency International, the international governing body of cricket, the International Cricket Council (ICC) must act now and strengthen the governance of the sport in order to keep up to speed with these developments.
  • 07.02.2012 /
    FIFA is not alone in having its governance practices scrutinised. The International Cricket Council (ICC), the world governing body for cricket, has received an independent review on its governance calling for fundamental reforms.

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