• 08.12.2018 /
    People in the parkour community feel that international gymnastics is annexing their sport after FIG congress votes to include parkour on the gymnastics programme.
  • Photo: Pixabay
    20.06.2018 /
    A report issued by Women in Sport finds that 38% of women in the UK sports industry experience discrimination at work based on their gender.
  • Photo: Kieth JJ/Pixabay
    03.10.2017 /
    In general, European sports clubs are based on volunteerism and clubs weigh conviviality and friendship higher than sporting competition, a new report on European sports clubs shows. However, there are notable differences between sports clubs’ strengths, conditions and challenges across Europe.
  • Photo: Woman Ski Jumping Association
    14.07.2016 /
    David Rowe, professor from the Western Sydney University, looks into why it is so difficult to tackle “epidemic” sexism within sport, why sport is historically a male-dominated sphere and what can be done to counter it.
  • Photo: Mariana Gil/EMBARQ Brasil/Flickr
    09.06.2016 /
    Rio 2016 was promoted as an engine for urban renewal and lasting change, a positive addition to years of social progress and growth in Brazil. But unfulfilled promises in a country now challenged by a deep economic and political crisis show that the Olympics did not function as a lever of development. This failure might be Rio 2016’s most lasting legacy, reports Julianna Barbassa.
  • Photo: Monica Müller/Flickr
    27.05.2016 /
    Hosting the 2020 Olympics should not only raise Japan’s international profile, it should also make its people healthier. Despite rating well internationally when it comes to sports participation, Japan wants to do even better.
  • Photo: Kevin/Flickr
    19.10.2015 /
    Japan is not only fighting bad governance in several sports, but also outdated, authoritative training methods. New rules for good governance have been set out to reform elite sport in one of the world’s leading sports nations, but conservative forces are working against them.
  • 11.06.2015 /
    The end of the lengthy legal battle between freelance journalist Laura Robinson and VANOC CEO John Furlong is drawing near. Furlong dropped his defamation charges against the journalist in March this year, and Robinson’s counterclaim will be heard in court on 15 June.

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