• 13.09.2019 /
    New study suggests that hosting a Formula 1 race does not produce positive effects on GDP, employment or tourism. On the contrary, the study finds evidence of negative effects three to four years after a Grand Prix has been held.
  • Premier League Photo: Wonker/Flickr
    05.07.2019 /
    China, Japan, Kenya, Los Angeles, Macau, Singapore… Preseason is about to start and the English Premier League is going global again. It is all about money-spinning.
  • Photo: Pulkit Sinha/Flickr
    23.05.2019 /
    Cricket remains in the grip of an elite, whose appetite for growth is typified by the sport’s lack of interest in the Olympic movement, meanwhile, cricket commands higher TV rights than any other sport outside football but is struggling to grow globally due to historical, cultural and structural reasons.
  • Photo: Pixabay
    22.10.2018 /
    For the establishment in the financial sector, cryptocurrencies and the ‘Blockchain’ are new innovations not to be trusted, but some of Europe’s biggest football clubs are starting to get involved. Is it hype or the future?
  • Photo: Inés Rojas/Flickr
    26.09.2018 /
    ECA’s plans for an additional European competition is “threatening domestic football”, says European Leagues’ secretary Georg Pagnl at World Football Summit and also lashed out at UEFA prize money for cementing a competitive imbalance.
  • Photo: Vladimir Varfolomeev/Flickr
    03.08.2018 /
    Analysis: The recent World Cup in football was named “the best ever” by the FIFA President. But from an economic point of view, its legacy is questionable. The investments surpassing 25 billion USD may turn out to be highly disproportionate to the benefits. Economist Matthias Fett looks at the numbers.
  • Photo: Greg Martin/IOC
    08.02.2018 /
    The IOC has unveiled a new scheme aiming to reduce the cost of hosting summer and winter Olympic Games with more than $1 billion. Is it enough to curb years of cost overruns, asks Professor of sports economics, Wladimir Andreff.
  • Photo: Thomas Søndergaard/Play the Game
    28.11.2017 /
    Will the legacies of major sporting events always be cost overruns, abandoned venues, and human rights clampdowns?

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