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    16.06.2018 /
    In this report about the opening days of the World Cup in Russia, Andreas Selliaas discusses the Saudi Arabian influence in international football, Gianni Infantino’s announcement of running for a new term as FIFA president and the ghost of Sepp Blatter.
  • Photo: Dave Holland/COC
    By Jens Sejer Andersen, International director, Play the Game
    13.06.2018 /
    “One of the best ways you can avoid being used is by making your voice heard in the public domain,” said Jens Sejer Andersen, International director at Play the Game, when speaking to athletes at the WADA Global Athletes Forum, held in Calgary, Canada, on June 4, 2018.

    Read the speech that he gave on the occasion.
  • Photo: Leen Magherman
    06.06.2018 /
    At a seminar in Flanders, democracy, board competences and experiences with sports governance were discussed as a part of the NSGO project.
  • Photo: Doha Stadium Plus Qatar/Flickr
    08.05.2018 /
    In a move to assess recent developments in international sports governance, Play the Game and KU Leuven follow up on the findings produced by the 2015 Sports Governance Observer.
  • Photo: Murray State/Flickr
    30.04.2018 /
    An independent commission on college basketball has released a 60-page report containing several recommendations for the NCAA to develop concrete measures to renew the college basketball arena.
  • Photo: Scanzon/Flickr
    23.04.2018 /
    The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) will launch an in-depth review of its governance and decision-making structures and assess the need for changes.
  • Photo: Penn State/Flickr
    20.04.2018 /
    In March 2018, on the eve of the Commonwealth Games in Australia, the MSE Platform for Human Rights and the Institute for Human Rights and Business released a guide, which introduces human rights to sports bodies. Indeed, human rights are central to the sporting world and sports bodies are the organisations in charge of ensuring their respect within the sports environment.
  • Photo: Thomas Søndergaard/Play the Game
    19.04.2018 /
    While the latest ASOIF review into the governance of the Olympic summer sports federations shows an improvement, there are still challenges to be met.

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