• John Brook/Flickr
    26.11.2018 /
    Transparency and openness are key if sport wants to create an environment that is safer from various types of harassment and abuse than today, says Swedish PhD and researcher Susanne Johansson and outlines seven broad, fundamental priorities for sport to embark on.
  • Photo: Gutiérrez/Flickr
    21.06.2018 /
    When Argentina plays at the 2018 World Cup in Russia they are not alone. A group of ‘Barrasbravas’, as the Argentine ultras are known, are following their team to Russia. The Barrasbravas are not the only fan group with a violent record.
  • Photo: ILO/FLickr
    16.12.2016 /
    International sports brands enrich themselves in tax free economic zones in the Third World. Are 'Corporate Social Responsibility' merely fine words on a website? Play the Game tells the story of the free economic zones in the Philippines.
  • Photo: ILO/Flickr
    16.12.2016 /
    International sports brands score gigantic profits in the Third World, while their workers live on starvation wages. Play the Game tells the story about the big sports brands.
  • Photo: Gabriel Cabral/Flickr
    15.08.2016 /
    With all eyes on the Olympic events in Rio, Reporters Without Borders launch campaign aiming to inform the international community about the dangers Brazilian journalists experience along their work.
  • 21.02.2014 /
    Qatar will have to face the critique of the working conditions under which many foreigners work in the country. This could bring out discussions about the very nature of Qatari politics and society, James M. Dorsey reports.
  • Foto: Amy Sept/Flickr
    By Andreas Selliaas
    30.01.2014 /
    Miles of chain link fences, Level 1 event eligible for assistance from the Department of Homeland Security and federal agencies, metal detectors, x-ray machines, radiation detectors, no-fly zones, Special Forces, air defence missiles, snipers, equipment to detect radioactive, biological, chemical and nuclear weapons and field hospital to take care of the potential victims of a terrorist attack.
  • By Laura Robinson
    23.03.2012 /
    Another professional skier died this month, and little is being done to make the sport safer. Canadian author and journalist, Laura Robinson, comments on sports officials' tendencies to put the fight for new viewers by making the sports more dangerous and exciting above the safety of the athletes.

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