• By Jens Weinreich
    02.03.2022 /
    The IOC and the Olympic federations are obliged to do much more to punish Russia and its warmonger, Vladimir Putin, argues investigative reporter Jens Weinreich and provides a long list of examples. He calls for a comprehensive independent criminal investigation of the longstanding deep connection of the Olympic institutions with the Kremlin within the framework of the EU.
  • 27.07.2021 /
    Proposals for a closed European Superleague were shot down earlier this year but research shows that UEFA's Champions League in effect may be just as closed with only three new clubs out of 75 reaching the group stages over the last decade.
  • By Matthias Fett, Helmut-Schmidt-University in Hamburg
    10.05.2021 /
    Under what circumstances is it possible to imagine that one or more national football associations boycott the World Cup in Qatar? Matthias Fett lays out three scenarios and their consequences for FIFA and the associations and reaches the conclusion that the most likely boycott would happen in the US.
  • Dinamo Brest/Champions league. Photo: Steve Menay
    24.08.2020 /
    The number of new clubs entering the Champions League has fallen this season as many of the same coterie of clubs continue to dominate leagues across Europe.
  • By Andreas Selliaas
    02.03.2020 /
    At a preliminary hearing in Portugal in January 2020, the man behind Football Leaks, Rui Pinto, was characterised as a blackmailer rather than a whistleblower. If the charges lead to conviction, the media's role in publishing the documents should be scrutinised, writes Andreas Selliaas.
  • 25.06.2019 /
    Despite more debutants having qualified for the upcoming UEFA Champions League, the tournament is still comprised of an exclusive group of clubs dominating their national leagues year after year.
  • Photo: Inés Rojas/Flickr
    26.09.2018 /
    ECA’s plans for an additional European competition is “threatening domestic football”, says European Leagues’ secretary Georg Pagnl at World Football Summit and also lashed out at UEFA prize money for cementing a competitive imbalance.
  • Photo: Inés Rojas/Flickr
    25.09.2018 /
    The chairman of the European Club Association has launched a broadside at the game’s organisers as the association looks for a radical overhaul of the international calendar.

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