• Photo: Thomas Søndergaard/Play the Game
    22.02.2016 /
    In a joint statement, ministers of the Nordic countries warn that corruption, doping and manipulation of sports competitions undermine the core values of sport. There is an urgent need for action, they state.
  • 16.08.2010 /
    In return for the all inclusive package offered to participants at the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore, athletes and trainers are expected to participate in all of the arranged events throughout the YOG’s 12 days. Failing to do so will leave the NOCs with a bill for the board, lodging and travel.
  • 16.08.2010 /
    Richard Pound, member of the IOC and the only IOC-internal critic of the Youth Olympic Games, waived the trip to Singapore, where the first Youth Olympic Games started this weekend.

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