Other good governance projects

A total of eight projects related to the theme 'Promoting innovative approaches to strengthen the organization of sport in Europe' were selected to receive funding by the European Commission, including Play the Game's 'Action for Good Governance in International Sports Organisations' project (AGGIS).

Four projects share similar themes and objectives to the AGGIS project. These projects are initiated by the Sport and Recreation Alliance, International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA), the EU Office of the European Olympic Committees and Supporters Direct, and are introduced below.

All four project joined Play the Game on 8 April 2013 in Brussels to share their final or preliminary findings on the seminar "The Challenge for Europe in the Governance of Sport". Read more about the seminar here

Better Boards, Stronger Sport

Project coordinator: Sport and Recreation Alliance

Project description: The overall purpose of the project is to produce a ‘Better Boards, Stronger Sports Toolkit’ that will provide sports organisations at all levels the resources to maintain, create and develop effective Boards. A competent Board will ensure that the organisation’s governance is effective and the sport is successful. Sports organisations need to understand what an effective Board is, how it is created, and how it can improve governance.

The project seeks to:

  • identify and agree the key features an requirements for an effective sports Board across Europe
  • promote the importance of strategic leadership and the role of the Board in sports organisations
  • empower sports organisations to take responsibility for governing their future successfully

The ‘Better Boards, Stronger Sports Toolkit’ will be a key driver in sport, taking responsibility for its own governance standards and meeting the challenges that it faces. In this way sport will roughly become self-governing and autonomous. 

Sport and Recreation Alliance website


Good Governance in Grassroots Sports (GGGS)

Project coordinator: International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA)

Project description: GGGS is a transnational project that seeks to increase the capacity of non-governmental grassroots sport organisations in Europe. The project focuses on transparency and accountability in the context of good governance, particularly at the grassroots sport association level. GGGS will address two central aspects of governance in grassroots sports organisations: Relations to Public Authorities and coping with financial risk.

The project seeks to:

  • increase the evidence and knowledge base for good governance in grassroots sport in Europe
  • build capacities in key national non-governmental grassroots sport organisations through targeting learning opportunities
  • increase awareness and outreach on good governance to a broad target group in grassroots sport

ISCA website 


Good Governance in Grassroots Sport desk research

A compilation and brief summary of some key documents in the field of good governance in grassroots sports.

Sport 4 Good Governance (S4G²)

Project coordinator: EU Office of the European Olympic Committees

Project description: Principles on good governance have been developed by the International Olympic Committee and recommended to be adopted by the Olympic movement. Therefore, the main objective of the project "Sport4Good Governance" is to support the implementation of good governance principles within sport organisations in Europe by:

  • probing the present situation of their implementation
  • raising awareness on the issue, and
  • providing practical guidance on how to implement good governance principles 

A questionnaire is organised to probe the status quo of the implementation of good governance's principles and to identify possible challenges and good practice models. Educational material will be produced and training sessions organised to support the implementation of good governance principles in Europe.

EU Office of the European Olympic Committees website


Improving Football Governance through Supporter Involvement and Community Ownership

Project coordinator: Supporters Direct

Project description: This project is based on the strong demand for capacity building at local, national and European levels to enable the growing number of supporters’ organisations to promote good governance at football clubs to ensure that clubs have a sustainable future as community-focused businesses and to promote active citizenship. This project seeks to promote good governance in football through supporter involvement and in this framework the project aims to build capacity on local, national and European level by: 

  • strengthening the European network of fan ownership with the purpose of sharing best practice, establishing a long-term vision based on common principles for the future work of the network and to outline the services required beyond this project
  • building capacity on local and national level through in depth development work 

The project furthermore seeks to recommend a set of principles and guidelines for good governance models and provide a tailored toolkits for each participating country followed up by a final benchmark report sharing best practices and reflecting on the lessons learned.

Supporters Direct website

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